Best Graphics on Cube?

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#1 Posted by Sedarati (116 posts) -

For me defo, do you agree, disagree any other contenders?

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#2 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

4 looked nicer IMO

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#3 Edited by DSovereignty (13 posts) -

A lot of people are going to say RE:4 looked better but I personally believe RE:Remake had the best cube graphics.

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#4 Posted by Louis (94 posts) -

Resident Evil: Remake had stunning visuals. It’s defiantly one of the best looking games on the GameCube.

It's hard to compare the graphics with RE4 because they are both totally different. Remember, REmake had a lot of pre-rendered environments which means it looked a lot more polished.

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#5 Edited by PharoahCapcom (472 posts) -

Metroid Prime or RE4.

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#6 Posted by iGaboru (247 posts) -

RE4 was good graphically speaking but nothing compared to the magnificent prerendered REmake graphics. It is the ultimate survival horror experience. Capcom, bring back RE to its roots!

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#7 Posted by MikeWTFpwns (28 posts) -
PharoahCapcom said:
"Metroid Prime or RE4."
Plus. Even though it was cell shaded. Windwaker was a very good looking, crisp, game.
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#8 Posted by Shawn (3842 posts) -

This one had better graphics than 4 in my opinion.

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