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One of my first Playstation experiences

Capcom's Resident Evil Franchise is by now a house hold name. The hit franchise is one experience many gammers have had. Ever since I played through the original version on the Playstation, I've been in love with the series ever since. The graphics for their time were amazing and the control was awesome. Not too mention the atmosphere and the suspence of not knowing what might be around the corner always had me coming back for more and more. This was probably the first game that had me hooked to the Playstation. The different levels, the atmosphere, the crazy enemies, and the pretty awesome weaponary are just some of the pros for the game. The cons were of course, at least for me, the fixed camra. Though some would argue that, that's what made the game suspenceful, which is partly true. I however found it to be a little more iratating. Not to mention the voice acting and dialogue was extremely corny but you don't play Resident Evil for the dialogue, you play it to shoot and kill stuf and of course for the creepy setting of the game. This was one of the first games that put the Playstation on the map. It was of course later remade for the Nintendo Gamecube with updated visuals and mechanics....and it was awesome! But so is the original ps1 version....too.

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