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The primary function of roadie running is getting around an area faster. Roadie running is used to obtain weapons and power-ups quickly, evade enemy fire, and regroup.

Roadie running is also utilized alternatively as an offensive tactic, combining the roadie run with a close-ranged weapon to approach an opponent quickly and strike for massive damage.

One of the most notable aspects of the roadie run is its effect on the player's third-person perspective. When engaging the run, the camera will shake and blur behind the player, contributing to the illusion of visceral running in a combat zone. The camera may lower to the ground, increasing the sense of speed.

The mechanic came to prominence in the original Gears of War. The name of the move is derived from the roadies who carry equipment at musical concerts; the shaking of the camera is meant to resemble the view from behind-the-scenes videos when the subject being filmed suddenly takes off and the camera shakes as the roadie carrying it starts running himself to keep up.

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