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Robo Defense is a tower defense game with a progression system. It's played like any other tower defense game, as you build different types of stationary weapons that specialize in different things. Cash is earned for each kill, which provides the player money to buy more towers. Points are also earned for kills and are multiplied each time a round ends with no enemies reaching the exit. Points earned during a match can be spent afterwards on general progression upgrades such as increased damage, faster reloading, increased starting cash, etc. The progression system is fairly in-depth, and provides a good reason to grind levels in order to earn more upgrade points.


Unit NameBuild/upgrade costAttack abilityUnit Description
Gun$5ground/airBasic turret. Shoots bullets in rapid succession.
Medium Gun$4ground/airBasic turret with increased damage.
Heavy Gun$6ground/airBasic turret with the maximum amount of damage
Anti-air Cannon$20airA separate upgrade path that begins with the "Gun". After upgrading the gun to medium gun, this option is no longer available. Anti-air Cannon only fires at aircrafts, but in very rapid succession.
Heavy Anti-air Cannon$40airAn upgraded version of the Anti-air Cannon with more firepower.
Flamethrower$70groundThe second and final alternate upgrade path from the basic "Gun". Shoots fire at ground units.
Inferno$50groundUpgraded version of the Flamethrower. Increased damage.
Slow Tower$10ground/airA tower that shoots a beam at enemies that slows them down.
Upgraded Slow Tower$10ground/airMore effective version of the Slow Tower.
Advanced Slow Tower$10ground/airThe most effective version of the Slow Tower.
Mine Tower$20groundAlternate upgrade path from the original "Slow Tower" (requires unlock). A powerful land mine that when ran over, will cause enormous damage to not only the space it's on, but several spaces around it. (note: costs an extra $5 to activate a mine)
Teleport Tower$20ground/airAlternate upgrade path from the original "Slow Tower" (requires unlock). The teleport tower will teleport any unit from the tower's location, back to the start of the level. (note: costs an extra $3 to recharge after each use)
Rocket Launcher$20ground/airA turret that shoots rockets. This is a heavy damage dealer, but the rate of fire is slow.
Medium Rocket Launcher$30ground/airAn increased damage version of the Rocket Launcher.
Heavy Rocket Launcher$50ground/airThe most advanced form of the Rocket Launcher.
Mortar$50groundAlternate upgrade path from the original "Rocket Launcher". Deals heavy damage to ground units with extensive range. Very slow rate of fire.
Artillery$90groundUpgraded version of the Mortar. Greater range and damage, but still fires very slowly.
Surface To Air Missile$70airThe second alternate upgrade path from the original "Rocket Launcher". Very powerful missile specializing in anti-air defense.
Advanced Surface To Air Missile$90airUpgraded version of the Surface To Air Missile, providing heavier damage dealing.

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