Gold stars not showing up?

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I am currently ranked #3 in the leaderboards for a particular song. Yet I do not have gold stars. I have five stars, but they are not gold. Is this unusual? Has anyone experienced problems with not getting gold stars?

For comparison, I have gold stars in Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," and I am ranked #72.

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It's the same criteria as in the other Rock Bands, right? You need to play on Expert and get around 1.4x the score you need for 5 stars? Maybe you didn't hit one of those. Try messing with the power ups?

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Just made it. Yeah, I read somewhere about the 1.4x 5 star score. I guess that's what it is. Just seems weird that I'm now #2 on the leaderboards and only just now got gold stars. So me and one other person have gold stars on this song and that's it?

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#4 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

It's normal. I'm in the top 10 of a couple of songs and only got enough score for 5 stars. I have gotten gold on a couple of tracks that I'm ranked about 700 in.

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#5 Posted by hao_kaiser (35 posts) -

I'm number one on a song, and haven't managed to get gold stars on it. So it's definitely based on score rather than leaderboard position.

From what I've been able to gather, you have to beat The Duke's score on a song to get gold stars. They don't really surface what that score is, but I've found it to be a handy reference.

Granted, I also don't have anyone on my friends list playing Blitz, so I always have the AI characters displayed as my rivals.

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