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Just want to drop some slides and images showing how much this game is like the original planned PSP version of Phase (which was rumored to be FreQuency 3 at one point)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

You can actually see in these a early prototype for the 2 button gameplay (adapted for PSP though), and notice the similiarity in RBB of how the urban city scape is similar to the first prototype for Phase. The last photo was a three button prototype for the canceled PSP version.

It's a shame Phase ended up on iPod's. It's clear that the technology just wasn't there at the time and it harmed the game. Makes you wonder what it'd had been like if it was a PSP game but I guess we're finding out now!

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Instead we ended getting Rock Band Unplugged on PSP. And I'm ok with that. Phase looked cool, but I never got to play it, never owning an ipod that could run it.

Cool screenshots, by the way. Thanks for that!

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My pleasure. Sorry my reply wasn't quicker :)

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