Roland on the Ropes

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    Roland on the Ropes is a platformer on the Amstrad. This title was released in North America as Fred.

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    In Roland on the Ropes you climb ropes in the attempt to escape tombs filled with an increasing number and variety of monsters as you progress through the levels.

    Roland on the Ropes was a launch title for the Amstrad CPC 464 and was included in the Amsoft 12-Pack. A collection of twelve programs bundled with most Amstrad CPC 464s purchased in the UK.And it was one of many titles released by Amsoft featuring the recurring character Roland.

    Roland on the Ropes is a conversion of Spectrum game called Fred published by the Spanish hardware and software developer and publisher Indescomp in 1983 a year before the release of the Amstrad CPC 464.


    At the start of each level you start at the bottom of a tomb. You have to climb up ropes in the randomised cavern looking for the right path to the exit at the top of the tomb, collecting treasure for bonus points as go. As you progress through the levels the quantity and type of enemies increase.

    Roland has to content with Rats, Chameleons, Mummies, Skeletons, Bats and Ghosts. Roland is armed with a gun with limited ammo which can be used to kill the Mummies, Skeletons and Bat but only scares the Ghosts away for a short while. Rats and Chameleons have to be avoided, jumping over the Rats and switching the side of the ropes you are climbing up for the Chameleons.

    Roland starts with fifteen strength for health and twelve bullets. The strength goes down by one each time he comes into contact with a baddie and both bullets and strength can by recovered by picking up items.


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