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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Visually this game is pretty awesome. It's quirky looking and I like that. It gives the game a really fun vibe. Basically you are going to build an amusement park. You can add pre-made coasters or you can make your own. Making your own coasters is super tricky. The physics are precise. If you wouldn't get a real coaster to go over an impossible hill, you're not going to get it to do it here. It is time consuming and you really start to grasp how gravity works. You will most like spend hours sitting there trying to get your super coaster to work right. This can be frustrating but once it is said and done you really feel you've accomplished something. Throughout the game you can unlock some pretty neat stuff to add to your park.  There are different themes, such as dinosaurs and spooky stuff. One thing I think is great about this game is the cameras on the rides. You can see from so many different fun angles that you really feel like you are on the ride. Each ride has customizable colors and signs. If you want a bright pink coaster you can have it. You can zoom in on any customer is the park and see how much money they have, their mood, where they are going, and other variables. It's pretty great when you want to see why people aren’t riding your rides.  The game has tasks you have to complete, such as hosting a VIP at theme park and making sure he is taken care of. I wish this game had more missions. That's one thing I felt it was truly lacking. You can build your theme park and go up in levels basically being a novice theme park builder to a tycoon. But once you meet these goals in each them park you are left kind of bored and bummed out that there wasn't more to accomplish. All and all this is really fun game and great for a rainy day.

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