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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released September 1990

    Rollergames is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Konami.

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    Rollergames for the Nintendo Entertainment System is based on an actual TV-show that aired in 1989 to 1990. It was brought to the arcades which it was then brought to the Nintendo Entertainment System by Ultra Games and Konami. 


    In Rollergames, there are different teams, such as the "good" team and the "bad" team. The player gets to choose from three different teams. The T-Birds, who have great strength but low speed and a weak jump. Hot Flash, who have weak fighting skills, but have the fastest and highest jumpers. And the Rockers, a well rounded choice. When you select the team member of your choice, you are then set on a path to fight to the end of the level. Then you work your way through different types of bad guys, such as the Bad Attitude, the Violators and the Maniacs. There are different levels that alternate from standard platforming to high speed highways.

    Rollergames Trivia

    • The show hosts from the TV-show make an appearance in the beginning of the game. 


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