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So there is this dumb website that takes all your posts from Facebook and then generates you a new post made up, Voltron-Style, of previous posts.

I sat there hitting generate to see what would come up, and I get this:

You were, definitively, the hashtag or just put a live music industry, and watch us make their butts and do you like Ryan Davis.

I feel like this is the right response. Maybe to anything.

Edit: The website is http://what-would-i-say.com/, just in case you wanted to know.

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way to a motorcycle crash my jeans have the bitches,

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Just gotta take some Red Dead Redemption today, grab onto their ankles and put on a spree! Send halp!

... This site is amazing.


Eh, one more: Overshot my attempt to blow their load on pastry.

Edit: Oh, goddammit. One more: Seriously, I'm not like Dutch symphonic metal, but like the tuba while Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn riverdance through hoops for a responsible adult.

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