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Sam & Max Episode 201: Ice Station Santa

Telltale went forward with the second season of their successful take on the Sam and Max characters earlier this year, although I didn't buy it until recently.  The first episode picks up quickly on the same foot as last time, now featuring an introductory puzzle before the stylish opening credits.  The new location is the North Pole, where Santa seems to have been possessed and done some destructive things, like sending a giant robot equipped with high school level philosophy and 80's pop music quotes to the titular heroes.  As a way of getting back into the swing of things, Ice Station Santa does a solid job with consistently clever humor and some enjoyable puzzles.  I still haven't mastered the logic of adventure games, as I will occasionally read a clue the wrong way or ignore what seems like an innocuous detail, but I'm getting a better hang of it.  I liked how they mixed up the street where all of the games start too, adding a new location and character to help prevent staleness.  Good for anyone who likes to laugh and think in a new way.

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