Are you bummed that Scalebound was cancelled?

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Posted by Numbawhan (26 posts) 2 months, 13 days ago

Poll: Are you bummed that Scalebound was cancelled? (532 votes)

Yes 36%
No 53%
What's Scalebound? 11%

I'm just gauging for my own curiosity. I've personally not heard anything about this game since it was announced at E3 2014.

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#1 Posted by fnrslvr (409 posts) -

I could definitely imagine a version of that game being rad, but that last E3 demonstration (at least I think it was at E3?) involving the giant crab monster looked like a snoozefest when it should've been action-packed, so my hopes for the game were wavering at best.

That said, it's always sad to see three years' worth of high-end assets lovingly crafted by a team of talented, hard-working developers get canned. I can only imagine that this was a hard call to make, and that Microsoft didn't can this thing on a whim, which leads me to conclude that this must've been an unsalvageable stinker.

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#2 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6555 posts) -

I'm bummed about the game that I had imagined Scalebound would be will probably never see the light of day. I am not bummed about the cancellation of the game they showed off. I'm an increidbly huge fan of Platinum, but I'm sorry, it looked boring as fuck.

If anything, I'm excited that this could potentially mean they'll move onto something else. I don't care if it's original or not. Maybe Nintendo will give them the keys to Metroid and say "here, you figure this shit out." Who knows.

For some, this will be forever remembered as the day that Scalebound was cancelled. For me, it was Monday.

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#3 Posted by probablytuna (4917 posts) -

Not particularly bummed that the game is cancelled, but I feel for the development team that must've spent a lot of time and effort on something that won't see the light of day.

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#4 Edited by Bonsai (125 posts) -

Gonna have to echo what others are saying. It wasn't a game on my radar, but it's a bummer to see a teams work go down the drain abruptly like this.

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#5 Posted by sfw44 (136 posts) -

Yeah a little, I was actually looking forward to playing this game. It's a shame, and it really sucks for the developers especially after hearing they had a hard time developing this game.

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#6 Edited by mems1224 (1616 posts) -

It was a cool concept that I hoped would come together but every time they showed it off it looked like absolute garbage. Im bummed that it didn't work out but I guess it was in rougher shape than we thought. Still hyped for Nier but Im gonna wait to see how that game launches before I buy. Platinum hasn't been very reliable lately.

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#7 Posted by UngratefulDead (95 posts) -

I think I was generally less interested in Scalebound as a game as I was in just making the entire soundtrack for your character action game The Prodigy.

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#8 Posted by BoOzak (1717 posts) -

Yes because it was a cool idea and I like Platinum. I wasnt as put off by the E3 demo as most were. (honestly I thought the FFXV demo looked worse and that turned out fine)

But mainly i'm just sad about the state of Platinum. I still think there's a lot of talent there (Nier Automata looks great) but even when they make great games they do poorly.

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#9 Posted by AthleticShark (1389 posts) -

The gameplay they showed was so bad so no, not at all

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#10 Posted by gunflame88 (239 posts) -

I don't like it when a creator's work goes to waste. That's three years of work lost. Yes, a lot of people did not feel excited about the game at all, but that doesn't mean it could not be cooked to a better state.

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#11 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3165 posts) -

Wasn't really interested in it so I voted no but I feel bad for those who worked on it.

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#12 Edited by Bollard (7557 posts) -

I was interested in it but from everything we saw I did get the impression that I probably wouldn't actually enjoy it. Not really surprised it got canned, either.

Plus, it's another one of the fleeting reasons I bought an Xbox down the drain. Guess my Xbox really is just a Halo machine now...

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#13 Posted by TobbRobb (6083 posts) -

I just want Kamiya to work on something he wants to work on without a bunch of bullshit. He has no luck with projects anymore. That's mostly why I'm bummed, the game wasn't looking too appealing yet. I would have been willing to give it a shot but eeeeh.

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#14 Posted by whitegreyblack (1510 posts) -

I'm bummed out any time a game is cancelled, even if I don't think it looks that great or is not my kind of thing. More games is good games.

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#15 Posted by Giantstalker (2293 posts) -

I'm bummed out any time a game is cancelled, even if I don't think it looks that great or is not my kind of thing. More games is good games.

I don't even own an xbox one, and I thought the E3 demo looked real bad, but I sorta feel this too.

After the total hat trick DOOM pulled, I kinda feel like there's a chance that any game can get lifted out of apparent mediocrity... unless it's cancelled

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#16 Posted by SamanthaK (154 posts) -

Yes because i love Platinum games, i wish they did another Metal Gear Rising but that won't happen because Konami and that makes me so sad.

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#18 Posted by mrcraggle (2868 posts) -

As long as we still get Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves. After this and Fable Legends, it seems that MS aren't afraid of cancellating games with years of production behind them.

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#19 Edited by MezZa (2675 posts) -

Nah. I'm bummed that the game looked so bad when they showed it. Cancelling it just seems like the smart move I guess. Hopefully those working on it can move onto better projects.

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#20 Posted by whitegreyblack (1510 posts) -

@giantstalker: I definitely prefer Square-Enix's approach of releasing games and later complaining about their performance against their completely unrealistic expectations; vs. Microsoft's approach of killing nearly-finished games close to release and just writing down the financial cost. At least the former approach results in games people can purchase and enjoy.

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#21 Posted by RetroMetal (459 posts) -

It's always a bummer when games that have high expectations get canceled.

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#22 Posted by Brake (1285 posts) -

Literally the only thing I remember about Scalebound is dragons and headphones. So no, I guess?

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#23 Posted by AlexW00d (7478 posts) -

I've taken dumps I have cared more about than that game.

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#24 Posted by TracerX (78 posts) -

It's kind of a bummer, yeah. Easily the most interesting AAA project Microsoft has funded this generation. LITERALLY everything else is a sequel or multiplayer focused, which isn't really my jam.

But hey, if it wasn't working, it wasn't working. Hopefully this means Platinum can move on to make something even better.

And hopefully not a sequel.

Unless it's Vanquish 2.

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#25 Posted by Scottjay01 (112 posts) -

I didn't think it was going to be an amazing game but a decent by the time of release, more over I think this is just more a sign of weakness in the xbox brand if anything I think their windows gaming will be first thought and the xbox brand second in the coming years.

I mean hell the 360 was a success on only sony's f*** up and their head start.

While things have gone back to how they were 2 gens ago, Microsoft cant catch a break this gen,the awful pre launch, canceled games and exclusive titles that aren't forza just not living up to expectations, 3rd party titles running poorly. I wonder if Scorpio will turn it around?

As for Platinum I think they will be fine they have other more wanted games coming out in japan for the PS4 and I could see Bayonetta 3 heading to the Switch.

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#26 Posted by ChrisTaran (2038 posts) -

It was one of the games making me consider an Xbox One, but I guess there goes that.

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#27 Posted by Encephalon (1702 posts) -

I never got a clear idea of what the game was, so it was hard to muster much enthusiasm about it. Also, no Xbone.

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#28 Edited by DharmaBum (1703 posts) -

Nope. I have no idea why it was ever considered viable on the one console that doesn't sell in Japan. No offense to the people making the game if they got screwed by MS, but the game always looked like a mess. I don't have any knowledge of Platinum outside of Vanquish which is a decent TPS sandbox.

Edit: Fable Legends also looked like garbage so good riddance there too. I feel bad for D4 and the way Microsoft screwed them over, because that was the kind of Japanese lunacy I can get behind but was clearly never going to do well on Xbox.

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#29 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -

What the fuck is Platinum even doing then? Just making some shitty licensed games now?

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#30 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7002 posts) -

While I personally didn't have an interest in Scalebound based on what I saw, I am bummed for the people who were. And you know, I don't know what's going on at Platinum these days, but it's still sad for anyone who puts a lot of time and energy on something for it only to fall apart.

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#31 Posted by Ascara89 (73 posts) -

Can't say I have strong feelings about Scalebound, I haven't followed very closely and I'm not entirely sure exactly what it was.

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#32 Posted by sammo21 (5290 posts) -

I'm not bummed but more disappointed, and I'm mostly disappointed with Microsoft. I keep looking for reasons to turn on my Xbox One, not a Microsoft PC game, but the actual box that I own and they consistently give me reasons NOT to do that. Bought Gears of War 4? Play it on PC! Bought Forza Horizons 3? Play it on PC! If a third party game is available on PS4 and X1 there's no reason to choose X1 over PS4, ever, so that leaves first party games...and they aren't there. Something like, a third party exclusive, has the chance to get me excited to turn on my Xbox One but now I don't have that. The last game I can remember that did was Sunset Overdrive.

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#34 Posted by ripelivejam (10898 posts) -

@dan_citi: nier automata is coming which actually looks pretty rad, if not an original IP.

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#35 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (185 posts) -

@sammo21: I mean... why do you care? You're getting the games on a generally higher level than you normally would. That's all.

Our Xbox One is pretty much only for local multiplayer titles like Diablo 3, or cross play with first party titles like Forza. I'm not seeing any disadvantages to the same exclusives, on my PC. Especially with Microsoft's recent record with first party games being so good and that looking to continue.

I also figured that Scalebound would end up being playable on PC with the focus on the game initially.

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#36 Edited by sammo21 (5290 posts) -

@opusofthemagnum: I'm mostly getting at I would like to see them make something that's not Gears of War, Forza, or Halo especially when they are making those games basically no different than games from their last generation's version.

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#37 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (185 posts) -

@scottjay01: Thats not really fair at all about the 360. Great game library, superior online and social features, easier development leading to generally equal or superior multiplatform performance, XBLA, price, etc were all thing the 360 did well.

The PC stuff is entirely contextual. Maybe it will take over for you, and has already for me thanks to the play anywhere stuff, but it certainly won't with everyone.

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#38 Posted by Humanity (16205 posts) -

@dan_citi said:

What the fuck is Platinum even doing then? Just making some shitty licensed games now?

Apart from Nier, yeah pretty much.

I used to think of Platinum as this amazing studio for a long time but when I actually sit back and think about it only Bayonetta and to a lesser degree Vanquish come to mind as quality products they put out. At this point I would actually even say that they put out more "bad" games than good ones.

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#39 Posted by Pie (7309 posts) -

Yeah it's always a bummer to see so much hard work by so many people to to waste, even if you're not that interested in the end of product

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#40 Edited by GnomeonFire (1056 posts) -

If its showings had been better I might be, but it never looked like a good game to me.

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#41 Posted by ajamafalous (13397 posts) -

That E3 demo from last year looked pretty bad, but there was something about the game that grabbed my attention for whatever reason for the last couple years before that. It was also one of the only Microsoft-exclusive games that I was actually interested in.

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#42 Edited by The_Dude_Abides (271 posts) -

Bummed for anyone that was looking forward to it. But that thing never even looked like a game to me. And what they did show, looked terrible anyway.

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#43 Posted by Kedi2 (322 posts) -

I was curious to see how that game would turn out, but I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the showings they made of it. Overall I'm not very disappointed that the game is cancelled.

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#44 Posted by Trilogy (3083 posts) -

I'm bummed for the developers. That thing seemed far enough along that a lot of work went into it, and that work probably won't be seen by the community. That can be a pretty big emotional and psychological blow to a developer.

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#45 Posted by Dispossession (83 posts) -

I voted yes because I was genuinely interested in what the game was going to be when it was finished and it was new IP on a console I barely touch. Instead, they choose to focus on a list of sequels I don't care about which will only keep me playing games on the PS4 Pro.

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#46 Posted by csl316 (13915 posts) -

Yeah, I love Platinum and this seemed like their most ambitious and unique project to date. So it's absolutely a bummer.

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#47 Posted by Brendan (9036 posts) -

I struggle to get excited about games before they come out and I can see that a good idea has actually been executed upon. I don't mean to sound cold but my life is busy enough that my brain doesn't have much space to dedicate to thinking about things that aren't things yet.

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#48 Posted by Nightriff (7112 posts) -

Yes I look forward to platinum games so I hate seeing one of their big ones canned. Hope it finds life in another form ala bayonetta 2

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#49 Posted by whitegreyblack (1510 posts) -

I just watched this Gamescom gameplay video again and remembered what I saw in the game in the first place. I would have given this game a shot.

Loading Video...

Oh well. This gets added to my "most disappointing cancellations" list with games such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, Soul Reaver: Dead Sun, et al. Life goes on.

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#50 Posted by TobbRobb (6083 posts) -

@humanity: Yeah at this point they definitely have put out more bad/mediocre than good. Which is a preeetty big bummer. Even if you add on MGR (which at least I think is good), Wonderful 101 and roll on a technicality to count Viewtiful Joe and Okami, it still isn't enough to cover up all the poopy games. feelssobad. When they hit gold they are still one of my favorite studios, but maaan it's been few and far between for a while now.

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