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SD Gundam G Next is a turn-based strategy game with action minigames for combat. It is based on the Gundam universe, and specifically the SD Gundam spin-off universe which reimagines the mecha as super deformed robots that operate without human pilots. The game takes place during the Universal Century setting of the original series rather than the G Gundam setting, though some G Gundam and Gundam Wing mechas are included.

SD Gundam G Next was also made available on the Satellaview service. The physical game was followed by the enhanced SD Gundam G Next: Senyou ROM Pack & Map Collection that collected together the various downloadable content available for the Satellaview version.


The player can choose to play one of the game's many scenarios, each of which has a pre-determined map and number of allied units and enemy units, or they can opt to create their own campaign. A campaign can be configured by the player before it begins, including the number of turns, the number of CPU opponents, each side's starting capital and the banners of each side.

Whenever the player attacks another unit or an installation, the game switches to an action minigame. When fighting units, the player and the enemy unit(s) fly around in a 2D environment attempting to destroy their opponents with whatever weapons they have equipped. When attempting to conquer a base, the player flies down from above and tries to destroy the base's blast doors before its defenses can shoot the player's Gundam down. This minigame uses the Super Famicom's Mode 7 to spin the ground textures as the player circles around the base to avoid its turret fire. If another allied Gundam is adjacent on the map before a player initiates these attacks, they add their support to that player.


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