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Franchise overview

The games in the Sea Wolf series involve the players firing depth charges from a boat, to hit other boats and submarines. Points are awarded based on which vessels were hit, and there is no way to "die" or lose the game; these titles are specifically just for acquiring high score in an allotted time.

Franchise history

  • Sea Wolf (1976) - An arcade game released by Bally-Midway Corp. It is impossible to truly 100% port or emulate the game, as its periscope device attached to the cabinet was a defining gameplay feature. Nevertheless, it was ported to the Vic-20 and Commodore 64 in the early 80s.
  • Sea Wolf II (1978): This sequel added many enhancements, including color graphics and a second periscope for two-player action. This version did not see an individual port at all to any platform, but was available with Gun Fight in a compilation for the Atari 800 in Arcade Classics: Seawolf II and Gun Fight.
  • Sea Wolf (2008) - A redemption game based on the original, but in 3D. There is an option to suppress the redemption modes.

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