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Sebastian Facts

  • Sebastian owns 73 hats but wears only one. The rest are fill ed with notes on the words he created himself.
  • He lives in small blocks with a single door and a lamppost on top and flies around on the back of a nameless, ladybug-like creature.
  • In order to call his "majestic flying stallion" he must whistle through his left nostril three times, a challenging and frequently icky feat as he has many allergies including a reaction to garlic.
  • Sebastian sometimes vacations in the real world.
  • He once used his savings to buy the world's largest garlic which he continued making into garlic juice for several years.
  • Sebastian has an obsession with his physique, in particular his biceps.
  • He claims to be a "marvelous gentleman with an incredible sense for fashion"
 Sebastian also tells players stories who reach a number of secret bonus stages. Split into several parts across several stages, he relates the story of "The Huntsman and the Fox", a semi-autobiographical tale depicted in the style of an 8-bit role-playing game.

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