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The real puzzle is why you haven't already heard of it.

Wow. *wistful sigh*

Remember the last thing you were so enthused about that you wanted to evangelize to any stranger that would listen? For me, that thing is Shadow Point and you are the complete stranger. Lean in, I'm gonna get all breathy on this one.

First, it's a pretty game. The developer of this game, Coat Sink, made a wise choice in choosing a stylized low-poly look, producing environments that are a pleasure to be in without causing the Quest hardware to stutter and choke. The world feels "full", with oddments scattered everywhere and small vignettes that tell bits of story without a word. I would probably be pretty happy if this game was just walking simulator, but they went and added gameplay on top of it.

Shadow Point is a puzzler, and, while the initial puzzles are a simple matter of lining shadows up with outlines on a wall, the complexity and innovation ramps up sharply. One of my favorites puzzles had me using portals to modify the gravity on an object in order to make its shadow "fit". Another requires you pass objects to yourself through a mirror so that your "mirror self" can pass boundaries in the "real" world. Even better, these mechanics feel like discoveries, with the design giving only the gentlest nudge towards them rather than slamming a tutorial in front of your face. A great example of this is an apple placed tantalizingly at the bottom of well--when reached for, you fall "through" the well into a new area, a vital piece of information needed to solve a forthcoming puzzle.

Patrick Stewart is the narrator and he's just as great at it as you would expect.

There is a story, well-told, well-performed, well-choreographed, well-everything...ed? The parceling out of story bits is well-paced, leaving enough space in-between that encountering a "cut-scene" is a pleasure rather than a barrier to more puzzling fun. Top-to-bottom, this game meets and exceeds expectations for any game experience, and all the more so in VR, where truly deep gameplay experiences are hard to come by.

One nitpick: I like to play non-exercise VR games seated, and a few levers and puzzles had me contorting myself a bit more than I would have liked. Not enough to stop me playing through, obviously, but I do wish VR developers would apply a bit more polish to the seated modes in their games.

Anyway...buy this game. It's all good and stuff.

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