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Shank 2 Review 0

The first Shank, released a little less than a year and a half ago, was a game that never really made much of a splash and likely flew under the radar for many gamers.This is a shame since the small team at Klei Entertainment managed to create something that looked and felt much more unique than it probably was.Shank was, in essence, a brawler. You had light, heavy and ranged attacks, various weapons and grenades to vary up the combat, and you faced enemies that fit into familiar brawler stereot...

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A Bit More Lasting Power This Time Around 0

This series definitely recaptures and improves upon the Beat 'Em Ups framework set up by games like Final Fight and Streets Of Rage. With waves of enemies and tight controls the combat is the main show. The fault with Shank came with the all-to-brief campaign. And although Shank 2 isn't any longer the restructured multi-player is what'll keep this title fresh for that much longer.The combat remains mostly untouched with little additions like a dodge roll and alternate weapon types, along with a ...

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Good, Responsive Brawler Once You Tweak Controls 0

Time to Finish Campaign: 3 hrs.Deaths during Normal Campaign: 51Modes Tested: Normal Campaign, First Levels of SurvivalModes Not Tested: Hard Campaign, Coop SurvivalWhat I'd Pay: $12Steam Price (2/8/12): $10The side-scrolling brawler is another genre that has seemingly gone extinct, reduced to re-releases and the occasional Smash Bros. Brawl level. It didn't survive the decline of the arcade well. That's why I took note when the original Shank got decent reviews. I never got around to playing it...

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More shanking starring Shank the shanker. 0

After I finished the original Shank it was pretty much a must for me to try out the sequel. I immediately downloaded Shank 2 yet put it off for a long while out of fear that just maybe a second dose of the knife wielding, gun toting, pissed off warrior may not have been as interesting. The novelty of this style of game could have easily over stayed its welcome, and it felt that way to a degree yet it’s nothing too damaging. Shank 2 is still a 2D brawler with plat forming elements, and it d...

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