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Perfect for 15-30 minute chunks

Trying to explain how shatter works is not easy. The best thing I can say about shatter is that it constantly changes things up. First off, the music is superb. The music alone is worth $8 bucks in my mind. The game has you play vertically, then horizontally, and then in a circle for which you move in the bottom third. Every world has a boss battle which are really enjoyable and a  bonus level. I think I was looking forward to the bonus level every world because the balls start moving really fast and present a really cool challenge.  I found myself going to shatter for a "quickie" when I wasn't feeling like undertaking a serious play session.  That alone is why I recommend it. It reminds me of how I felt when Super Stardust came out. It kind of took me by surprise and gave me a great reason to go to my PS3 instead of 360.

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The only negative I can think of is that after about a half hour the game started feeling repetitive and got my gaming juices going to tackle a bigger game. I don't know why but I cant give it 4 stars.(weird)
In short, Shatter has a high level of polish, fun boss battles, and a great soundtrack.  It is an excellent value for eight bucks.
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