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Diablo Platforming with Wicked Humor 0

Download Size: 1 GBHours Played: 4Regions Finished: 6/14 (Normal mode cleared)Favorite Item: Gnoming Missile LauncherWhat I'd Pay: $20Steam Price (4/8/12): $10Shoot Many Robots, like its redneck protagonist, is stupid, goofy, and more fun than it has any right to be. On paper, its premise seems boring: run and jump through a level and shoot many robots to earn nuts to buy better guns & pants to shoot even more robots. However, great graphics & sound, a skewed sense of humor, and some goo...

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Close but not quite fantastic 0

Man, this game is pretty fun. The combat is snappy and satisfying, especially when you find your groove with a weapon. While the enemies are pretty simple, either sitting still and shooting at you or for the most part running at you with chainsaws at the ready, it's still quite fun to pump led into the legions of robots you will shoot. The visuals are quirky and pleasing, especially with the often ridiculous and sometimes even insane gear you see on your character. The music is surprisingly enjo...

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Little Gem 0

Bought this recently in the PSN Summer Sale for £4. Great little game and a ton of fun. Bit of a grind fest. But there is alot of game here. Loot drives the experience in this HUGE 2D shooter and u really see a difference with the variety of guns and equipment at your disposal (once u can find it and buy it) If u have a few spare dollars ect do yourself a favor and pick this up ASAP....

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