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A timid and often insecure member of the Siesta Sister Corps of Pendragon's Memorial Troops that works together with Siesta 410. Being the more serious-minded of the two, she's very methodical and focused on the tasks given to her, but is prone to worry when she isn't ordered around and constantly dreads being scolded by Lord Pendragon or Siesta 00. When she's summoned to do the bidding of a witch or sorcerer, she acts in support of Siesta 410 by scanning the areas around them, allowing the pair to fire deadly magical arrows from a bow with unmatched accuracy, allowing them to even chase down targets hiding behind corners and cover.

She makes her first appearance together with her sister Siesta 410 in Banquet of the Golden Witch where the pair is summoned by Eva-Beatrice to carry out the murders of the Witch's Epitaph after the Stakes of Purgatory failed at this task. Siesta 45 later goes on to make appearances in future episodes of the series, most notably in Alliance of the Golden Witch and End of the Golden Witch. Besides her role in the visual novels, she also appears in the Ougon Musou Kyoku fighting games, primarily to assist Siesta 410's SP attacks.


  • It's speculated that she was created from one of Maria Ushiromiya's toy bunnies.
  • Siesta 45 is named after the .45 Colt round.

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