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Another fun Summer Game

Most people are saying this game is really bad and just a user mod for Half-Life 2. Well, I’m guessing most of these people went into the game thinking it was bad. I never did finish the first SiN because I didn’t like it but, this one after the first 20min it started to grow on me. I mean people buy this game give it a chance and you will have fun with it. Although word of warning, if you aren’t the best gamer in the world I would tone the difficulty down a whole lot, do this and you should be fine.

The first thing I liked about this game was that it has an awesome soundtrack and main menu. The music on the menu is very cool and I tried to get into the files and find it to add it to Itunes. Now when you actually get in the game you will notice that the graphics of this game are very stylized. Some people saw this as bad graphics and that the source engine was aging. No it is stylized graphics and you all need to get use to it. Now I will admit that there could have been some higher resolution textures and some of the non-main characters could actually be render well, with those and HDR added the graphics I’m sure would be phenomenal. (Ritual also make the game more detailed please) Other than that I gave the graphics an 8 because there are times when they look good and times when they look bad.

Now game play is another factor. Personally I liked going to a game that had some good shooting in it, instead of strategic game play. For most of the game I had a whole lot of fun blasting enemies and taking people down with the awesome shotgun. SiN: Emergence Episodes can be very hard especially near the end. Otherwise I gave game play a 10 especially with the secondary fire on the shotgun makes it really fun. The Sound in this game is a very nice techno style and only plays during high points of the game, which is a plus.

My thought on this game is that it is a very fun and good game. Just ritual should spend more time adding detail to the textures, making textures run at higher resolution, improving non-main character rendering and add HDR and the graphics will get a 10. This game is fun, addicting, and very hard so it will keep you busy. Ritual does deliver and for around $20 for a 4 to 5, 5 hours game for me. It is worth it. I don’t suggest playing the original SiN it’s horrible. So people please buy SiN Episode: Emergence and go into with a positive attitude and I promise you will have fun if you have a good attitude with it.

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