This looks pretty damn cool!

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I've never been a fan of RTS because they were always so hard to get into, and usually went from pure strategy to speed-fests, there are a few examples of RTS's that I enjoy, because they let you turtle-up, and let me THINK about my strategy.
This is why I've always preferred turn-based strategy, because the game actually lets you think about where to move your units.
However, square grids got a little annoying and started making less and less sense, and even though hex grids are good, it's still not perfect.
Skulls of the Shogun takes one of my favorite parts from RTS's, the unit movement, and combines it with a turn-based mechanic.
VERY VERY AWESOME STUFF!  Super excited for this game after seeing the Quick Look.

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allow me to disagree

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This isn't an RTS, if it was an RTS, there wouldn't be turns. 
Here's the difference in terms of games: 
Real Time Strategy: Command and Conquer 
Turn Based Strategy: Advance Wars 
The difference is in the turns, therefore, Skulls of the Shogun IS a TBS.

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