We doin' audio games now?

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#1 Posted by reverendhunt (992 posts) -

This is weird and uncharted territory.

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#2 Posted by dgtlty (1216 posts) -

This is a real thing and not a gag?

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#3 Posted by BillyMaysRIP (711 posts) -
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How the hell did this turn out to not be a dumb joke??


Can someone with an Echo please try this out?

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What’s inherently wrong with an Echo game?

I’d play some new, weird, audio-only Zork-style games. The idea of laying back, closing my eyes and being in an audio world sounds cool. Getting more hardcore by sitting up and taking notes could be cool, too.

Device 6 is the best phone game I’ve played by a country mile. More formats to encourage different design is cool.

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#6 Posted by The_Greg (535 posts) -

@nutter: Nothing wrong with it at all. It's awesome. I wish I had an Echo for it.

I've got Google Home. Hopefully it comes over to that platform.

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#7 Posted by nutter (1896 posts) -

@the_greg: I actually thought it was a goof when I saw the video and thought “I’d play that.”

It’d be a cool way to pass the time on a sick day...

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#8 Edited by The_Greg (535 posts) -

@nutter: Definitely. Playing Skyrim in bed with your eyes closed. Amazing.

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#9 Posted by Captain_Insano (3477 posts) -

Isn't this just a DnD simulator at this point?

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#10 Posted by dudeglove (13685 posts) -

Isn't this just a DnD simulator at this point?

...for one person

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#11 Edited by WulfBane (276 posts) -

It’s amusing in the fact that they did make it and you can interact with it. Surprise surprise, it’s not a very deep experience.

People have been describing it as “voice activated zork” but I’d say it’s better to call it “choose your own adventure” in terms of what you’re doing. It starts giving you a choice between two random locations. Then it describes someone there who has a problem and asks if you will help them and your quest begins. Quest proceeds with more “which path” choices and encounters.

Encounters you get exactly four choices: “attack with weapon,” “cast a spell,” “use a shout,” or “flee”. Alexa describes your attack and then describes their counter attack until one of you is dead. You may also get a new weapon or more spells for it to randomly pull from as your skills improve. Eventually you get to the last encounter, kill it, and Alexa describes you completing your quest and your (usually trivial/humorous) reward and the cycle repeats.

There are some amusing encounters (one in particular is unexpected and has interesting dialog from Alexa) and she does make little quips and stuff along the way. There is a bit of flavor when you kill something based on what you used that is to varying levels of humor, typically it’s also aided by the robotic pacing of her speech. Oh and also you do hear the “level up” sound each time your skills goes up and that sure made me smile the first time I heard it.

There is a small “you don’t have any health potions” comment I heard at one point but there isn’t any “eat all the cheese wheels” in the game.

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#12 Posted by development (3150 posts) -

@wulfbane: Nice info. Thanks. So it isn't nearly as free-form as the video made it seem. Bummer. Makes sense, though. Would require a whole lot of work to actually put the full game in with proper functionality and testing for all the many viable/not viable voice commands.

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#13 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1239 posts) -

I don't have an Echo. I have a Kindle that I can use Alexa on, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on that platform. That's pretty weird to me.

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