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    Sonic & Knuckles

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Oct 18, 1994

    Play as Sonic or Knuckles as the power of the floating island's Master Emerald is revealed in this concluding sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (now featuring a unique lock-on technology, granting special features when "locked on" to certain other games).

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    The Absolute Best Platformer of that Era. 0

    Sonic and Knuckles is a game with ideas. Many other series have never had ideas as game changing as this. Take Mario; Luigi plays exactly the same as Mario. There are no differences other than one being taller and green.Playing with Knuckles, on the other hand, is much different from Sonic. His glide attack is made to good use here; levels are designed solely for the sake of BOTH characters. Sonic and Knuckles each have their own story mode, which goes through the same levels, but different part...

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    A Game With Games 0

    Sonic and Knuckles is one of the greatest games ever. It's level design and soundtrack are vast improvements on the already great designs and music of 3. Also, it's surprisingly inventive, and not redundant since it uses the same special stages and gameplay as 3. Not only that, the game allows Sonic 3 to be put in, so that Sonic and Tails can play through 3 and straight into Sonic & Knuckles while finding ways to improve on the Chaos Emeralds and turn them into something new, creating ne...

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