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Sonic Genesis on GBA what can I say it's pathetic 1

Sonic's 15th birthday this game was to celebrate it and what is disappointment after hearing how bad this game was i decided to play it. Trust me the Mega Drive/Genesis version were brilliant this one is just bad the first level of Green Hill Zone seemed fine but then comes Marble Zone which becomes hard and worse. Then the others get worse and slows down causing you to get killed it's annoying which i had to switch off the game yes it's that bad.  Oh Labyrinth Zone is just terrible when trying ...

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Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) Review 2

Surrendering to what seemed like a year's worth of Mediocrity after Super Mario Galaxy, now im going back to my roots, one of the consoles that seemed to define Video Games for me, and also spured one of the most iconic Video Game Characters ever, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog, according to my Mother and Father, was the first Video Game i ever played, BUT, this version WAS NOT the first game i ever played. The first game i ever played was infact, the Master System version of this game, ...

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Perhaps Sonic's Best Game 0

Sonic's Genesis debut was nothing short of brilliance, from a marketing standpoint of course. It was the cooler version of Mario, it was faster, it was better looking, it was cool... and Nintendo was not. However, whilst the United States was enamored with the newly released Sega Genesis, over in Europe, things were a little different. The Master System had easily transcended the Nintendo Entertainment System's popularity and with that, Sega must have been looking to release a version for the Ma...

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When you think of sega who think Sonic 0

Sonic the hedgehog is a game that can hold the test of time. This Sonic game is good but not the best. If you have no clue what Sonic the hedgehog then where have you been? You are a fast hedgehog and you run around collecting rings and defeating a evil doctor. The graphics are a little fuzzy but great. With the music you won't get it out of your head. And the game play, well I miss not be able to do a speedy spin dash, and that take away some of the fun. In all if you have not played this game,...

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A game now playable on any device, including iPhone. 0

Oh I absolute love this game, it's one of the only two video games I had fun playing rather i win or lose without getting stressed with it when I was kid. Also I now play it on iOS and a saved webpage on mac. Di you know you can save many game web page for offline playing. although it would stop working if you delete anything on the browsing history of the internet server that powers it....

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Why I reckon it's an awesome game. 0

Okay, so it may not have outranked Super Mario World, but it's still better than Super Mario's first game. Anyhow, I love the for it's one of the only two video games I had fun playing rather I win or lose. These days it's now playable on any device, including iOS and on a saved game webpage on desktop. In case you don;t know, you can like save webpages featuring your favourite 8 bit, 16 bit and portable games to play offline. But the saved webpages can only work offline if you open them for th...

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The game that got me intrested in gaming. 0

Where do I begin with this game because it was the game that got me into videogamming.The story is Dr Robotnik AKA Doctor Eggman has trapped animals in badniks and Sonic has to free them but there is also 6 Chaos Emeralds to collect as well in this game quiet a simple and easy story to understandThe game plays very well you play as Sonic a speedy blue hedgehog that can run at a very fast speed. The game has about six zones and a final and there is 3 acts mainly in each.  At the end of the third ...

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Sonic the Hedgehog is fast and looks amazing! 0

 This game is one of the best 16 bit looking games out there. The level design is very well done and looks fantastic. The backround effects while you are playing are also astounding. On top of all of that is the gameplay, from the smooth control to the very very fast action, with the exception of Marble Zone which I am not a very big fan of. Even with todays standards it is one of the fastest games out there. The platforming in this game is very fun and can get pretty challenging. This game cons...

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