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    Sora is a cyborg girl forced into fighting a war. She appears in SORA, Acceleration Of SUGURI 1 and 2, and 100% Orange Juice

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    As a young girl she proved to be highly compatible with the technology used to make a cyborg soldier. Ignoring her feelings the people around her modified her body and forced her into a situation of endless fighting. During her first mission Sora tries to reason with Alte an enemy soldier, after the battle Sora embraces Alte relieved that she survived. An explosion soon kills Alte giving Sora the resolve to end the war that has destroyed the earth and it's population.

    Weapons in SORA

    • Rifle M
    • Rifle S
    • Rifle C
    • Rifle H
    • Pulse Gun
    • Bullet
    • Buster
    • Flamethrower
    • Machine Gun
    • Bazooka
    • Launcher
    • Shock
    • Trap
    • Pod
    • Artillery
    • Fuse
    • Sprite
    • Force Edge
    • Sword
    • Lance
    • Pilebunker
    • Zapper
    • Accelerator

    Attacks in Acceleration of SUGURI

    Attacks in Acceleration of SUGURI 2


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