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Special Forces: Team X (SFTX) is a cover-based, team-focused 3rd person shooter. It is also multiplayer only. what separates this game from the norm is not only the cell shaded graphics, but also the way the levels are constructed. Each map in the game is randomly generated from a set number of parts, which combine to make up to over 100 different variations meaning that the levels will never feel quite the same way twice. Another idea implemented in to the design is a bonus system for sticking with other team member and assisting them, encouraging greater team work.

The game has an equipment/ perk system that is quite similar to that found in Blacklight Retribution, especially in the design and layout of the menu. Players earn new equipment and skills through levelling up and can earn bonus XP through completing challenges found in the 'career' portion of the main menu.

The game also features 5 different game modes which are (as described from the in-game menus);

Team Death Match: The rules of team death match are simple: Any time you kill someone on another team, your team scores a point. The team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Hot Zone: The Hot Zone has a fixed number of points. Any players who can remain in the zone score points for their team. The team that has that has accumulated the most hot zone points at the end of the match wins.

High Value Target: The HVT scores three points for every kill, and players on the HVT's team score two points per kill. Players on other teams only score one point per kill. The player who kills the HVT becomes the next HVT.

Capture the Flag: In Capture the Flag, each team has a flag on their home tile. to earn a point, the opposing team's flag must be stolen and brought back to the team's home tile location. The team with the most points at the end of the match or reaches the score limit wins.

Control Point: When starting a Control Point match, three Control Points are enabled. Players must reach a control point and stay near it to capture it. Once a control point has been captured, it generates one point per second for the team that owns it.


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