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Spike is one of the better known Vectrex games, being part of the original GCE lineup. It is one of the few character based games released for the Vectrex and some consider Spike the unofficial mascot for the Vectrex console, evidenced by his appearances in many homebrew Vectrex games. The game is also one of the first games to use voice synthesis. The short "cutscenes" before each level feature Molly yelling "Eek! Help! Spike!" as she gets dragged away, and spike saying "Oh no! Molly!" afterwards. Spike also says "Darn it!" whenever he loses a life. The game was re-released in 2013 for iOS as part of the Vectrex Regeneration bundle.


The game is not dissimilar to Donkey Kong. Like Donkey Kong, it features platforms, jumping, ladders and a damsel in distress. The main difference with Spike, other than the unique vector graphics of the system, is that the three rows of platforms move from side to side and that the player controls where the ladders are placed. Each level is made up of three rows of moving platforms, with Spike always starting at the bottom of each level. The platform scroll to the sides of the edges of the screen and the player must place ladders to make it to Molly's cage at the top. Moving the stick will move spike, pressing the 1 button will move the ladder to a different spot. Button 2 and 3 will kick to either the left or right respectively. Button 4 will make spike jump. Starting from the second level, enemies are introduced which the player must avoid or defeat. The player must also collect the key to Molly's cage in order to finish the level. Falling off the platforms or touching an enemy will lose the player a life and will restart the level.


The following actions in the game will get the player a certain amount points. When the player collects 10.000 points he gains an additional life.

  • Defeating a bouncer enemy: 100 points
  • Defeating a bird: 200 points
  • Collecting a Key: 500 points
  • Opening Molly's Cell: 2000 points

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