Star Fox Adventures

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 23, 2002

    Rare's last game for a major Nintendo console, Star Fox Adventures is an action-adventure game set in the Star Fox universe. Take control of ace pilot Fox McCloud as he searches for a way to save the aptly-named Dinosaur Planet from destruction.

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    Star Fox Adventures Review

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    Star Fox Adventures was the first Star Fox game released on the gamecube WAY back in 2002, and its premise and gameplay differ from that of your average star fox game.

    The story of Star Fox Adventures has Fox Mcloud trying to save Dinosaur Planet from destruction, while saving some key characters along the way.

    Story aside, what separates Star Fox Adventures from the rest of the Star Fox games? Well, its a third person action game, much like in the style of the Legend of Zelda. As Fox you will go through dungeon type areas, solves puzzles, fight enemies, and gain magical abilities. At a first glance this would seem insane, i mean, why mess with a winning formula? I honestly don't know, but it didn't turn out to bad, its different yes, but not to bad.

    The graphics and sound design are top notch, graphics especially deserve mega kudos, and for an early gamecube titles, they are gorgeous.

    On a whole, Star Fox Adventures is a great game, and while it does mess with the normal Star Fox formula, its a surprising win for the series, and i honestly wouldn't mind seeing it some more, im going to give Star Fox Adventures a 8/10.

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