*Spoilers* ...seriously, this end battle.

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Who serioulsy thought that this end battle with Darth Vader was a good idea? I'm currently in the middle of it, and about three times now I've been knocked off the platform when I'm just to get him down off his green health bar (I'm presuming there's another part after because there's still the yellow health bar, siiiigh). I really hate it when games do this to you, make you bash your head up against a wall for ages and then when you die you have to bash it all over again.
Did anyone else have problems in this battle? I had to stop and come here for a sec because of this. Most of the rest of the game has been fine and indeed has been better than the first game, but there are a few bits that just make you wonder what the developers were thinking.

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I never fell off the platform when i played it. I didn't even know you could fall off but to be safe i stayed away from the edges.

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