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229005 DukeofRealms Game Overview Last edit was 3 years ago, the game has changed a lot since then. The content was also copied from the old StarMade website. I have written a basic overview of singleplayer and multiplayer modes. I have gone over core features of the game. I've also updated the developer and publisher, as the game is now run through a company, not a signle person. 01/14/16 12:05AM 309 Approved
228947 DukeofRealms Game Overview Updated Game Description and details, previous one was 3 years old... 01/13/16 03:46PM 322 Denied
41624 Shanekilz Game Overview More information added due to added research from the developer's official site for Starmade and IndieDB info on Starmade 07/08/13 01:11AM 28 Denied
41617 Shanekilz Game Overview Added disclaimer. Not sure if need but felt it needed to be added. 07/07/13 11:38PM 5 Denied
41553 Shanekilz Game Overview Updating the page based on it's website located here. 07/07/13 05:18PM 96 Approved
40662 CoopY Game Overview 07/04/13 02:11AM 190 Denied
40661 CoopY Game Overview 07/04/13 02:08AM 60 Approved
38821 Theromantics1 Game Overview I've copied most of this wiki info directly from the Starmade website and information directly from one of the developers, Beetlebear. Thanks for your time once again! I will continue to add more. 06/26/13 10:13PM 358 Denied
38504 Theromantics1 Game Overview This is an amazing game that's been out for a bit. It just got some huge recognition by Yogscast in a big video series. It's basically Minecraft in Space with EVE elements. I am streaming it on this week and people are loving it. It is a 100% legit game almost on part with Minecraft when Minecraft was released. Thanks for your time! 06/25/13 04:23PM 5 Approved

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