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    The Storm Elite is an enemy in Medal of Honor: Airborne.

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    The Storm Elite, or Nazi Storm Elite, is an enemy in Medal of Honor: Airborne. Unlike a regular soldier, the Storm Elite is a genetically enhanced super soldier. They marches towards their enemy, and attempt to kill you with their MG42 machine guns.
    The Storm Elite is also the tallest character in the game, and is distinguished from a regular soldier by the Gas Mask it is wearing, along with its steady walk and weapon of choice. These enemies are extremely strong, and can withstand a ridiculous amount of damage - it often takes more than two grenades to kill one, or an entire magazine from a rifle. 


    The Storm Elite is kitted out with the following:
    Primary Weapon: MG42
     It has no other weapons than the MG42, but it does not need anything else. Unlike any enemy you will have experienced fighting during the game, the Storm Elite can carry an MG42 - and hipfire it. Due to the fact the Storm Elite is very accurate, and the MG42 has a blistering rate of fire, it's an extremely dangerous adversary.

    Story Appearances

    The Storm Elite appears in three missions from the game. The first appearance is during Operation Market Garden, during the bridge sequence. The Elite then appears in the following two missions: the Panzer Factory, and Der Flakturm. There are lots of the Elites in Der Flakturm, so it's an extremely difficult mission.

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