Streets of Rage 2 does not have a license tied to player profile.

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This is simply a heads up for people who have Streets of Rage 2 or are looking at buying it. However, this is only something to be concerned with if you have multiple consoles you use regularly. Streets of Rage does not have a full game license that ties to your player profile. This means that only the original console that purchased the game can play Streets of Rage 2 on it. I have two Xbox consoles (one is my girlfriends) and when I move my profile to my other box Streets only comes up as a trial while any profile can access the full game on my main xbox.

Note: The usual way of doing things on the Xbox is to tie the license to your profile (as long as it is online) and to the original xbox it was purchased on (which will work offline). Streets of Rage 2 is the only game that I know of that does this with only one of the two modes.

Just know that if you take a flash drive with Streets of Rage 2 on it to a friends house, you will not be able to play it that way. Weird, but annoying little bit of programming.

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