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    Stretch is the iconic (and fictional) basketball star associated with the NBA Street Franchise.

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    Official Description

    The following description of Stretch can also be read in the NBA Street manual.
    "This cool cat is one of the best players never to have played in the NBA. Originally hailing from East Harlem, Stretch made his mark on the parks and playgrounds of New York City. He'll amaze you with his arsenal of old-school hooks and finger-rolls, gliding gracefully to the hoop with his long, lean frame. Young bucks keep trying to take the old man, but his silky skills and basketball savvy have left Stretch undefeated after all these years. Every year he grows older, he gets a little wiser."

    Additional Information

    • Age: 46
    • Height: 6'11"
    • Weight: 247 lbs
    • Hometown: Harlem, NY
    • Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY
    • Nationality: African American
    • Blood Type: O+
    • Occupation: School Teacher
    • Additional Sports / Hobbies: Distance Running
    • Playing Style: Old-school Finesse

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