I heard you like Stronghold, on sale this weekend on Gog.com

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#1 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2727 posts) -

Stronghold is $3.59 on gog.com this weekend, Crusader is $5.99.
Also, unrelated, Arx Fatalis is $3.59 as well, and well worth every iteration of 9 to the second decimal point.
I dunno what that means.  But it's pretty awesome if you like a hardcore dungeon crawler.

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Yeah, though the steam package is more appealing since it has all stronghold games, it's 20 bucks tough, so I'm waiting a bit to see if it goes on sale, I'm particularly interested in Crusader Extreme that has crazy battles with over 10K units at once.

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Its also on amazon.com for 13 bucks - has all the games too 
You'd probably have to find patches for it too.

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@Rrang said:

" Its also on amazon.com for 13 bucks - has all the games too  You'd probably have to find patches for it too. "

Nice thing about the GOG version is that they go in and tool around a bit to guarantee compatibility across Windows Vista/Windows 7, and their games usually come with a god selection of extra goodies.  With Stronghold, I got the manual, the soundtrack, some HD wallpapers, and a couple of nice little campaign add-ons.   Plus, no DRM, no disc to pop in, and no 3rd party client to run ( I love Steam, but usually when it comes to old games, I don't want to have to require internet access or mess around with Steam's offline mode to play them).
Personally, I think GOG is unbeatable when it comes to older games like this.
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#5 Posted by rrang (87 posts) -

yeah, completely agree. I just bought it off of GOG a couple hours ago... Im really liking it!  
It works beautifully on my Windows 7 64 bit version too~~~

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#6 Posted by Buccura (255 posts) -

Just bought right now after trying the demo. GoG must really be loving Giant Bomb right now C:

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I too just bought the game, thanks to the Quick Look. Totally loving it!

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