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    The original "Rebel without a Pulse", Stubbs is a murder victim who rose from the grave in order to get bloody revenge against those who killed him by eating brains and creating an army of the undead.

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    Pre-Zombie Life

    Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield had bad luck since day one. In his adult life became door to door sales struggling to get by. In 1933 during the Great Depression he had some short-lived luck where he met Maggie Monday, who just so happened to be the daughter of a conservative redneck with a double barrel shotgun. Maggie's father Ottis found out about Stubbs' intentions with his daughter and unloaded his shotgun into him. Burying Stabbs in an unmarked grave in the remote Pennsylvania countryside.

    Zombie Life

    In 1959 Stubbs returns from the dead. 26 years have past and he finds himself in Punchbowl Pennsylvania, somehow a neo-futuristic wonderland filled with hover cars and robot workers had been built over his unmarked grave. He also just happens to be a brain eating zombie with superpowers. At last, Stubbs has found his tru-calling.


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