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Suikoden II. If you are an RPG fan this one is not to be missed. 0

Story This is one of the places that Suikoden II excels. It weaves a complicated tale of conflict and betrayal that other games in the genre can only dream to live up to.  There are more twists and turns than your average mystery novel. Suikoden II tosses aside the typical "save the world" story of most jrpgs in favor of a more focused, down to earth tale about political upheaval and rebellion in a single nation. You won't be circumnavigating the globe in this game but instead traveling between ...

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Suikoden II improved on the original, but not nearly enough. 1

Suikoden II improved on most of the things the first game laid out on the table, but it still fell in a few traps that I hated about the original. I'll start with the good side of things. For one, the graphics are alot sharper, more detailed characters, better looking towns and world map. The story has alot more depth to it, although I really hated the wooden main character. This is very story driven game, and I don't think Silent Protagonists really work that well overall. Although, this is a d...

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A Vast Improvement Over the Original 0

To preface this, I will say that I first played this game a year or two after its sequel Suikoden III, which was my first trip to the Suikoden universe. I then of course played the first Suikoden before jumping into II. So this review is from the point of view of not having played it when it first came out and it not being the second game in the series I played.I will start with the bad so that we can end on a good note. The Suikoden series is, somewhat deservedly, notorious for shoddy translati...

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