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Sumotori Dreams is a game where the player controls a sumo wrestler composed of a number of small blocks and attempts to force his opponent to fall over or out of the ring through a combination of moving and pushing his opponent with one or both hands.

The game relies on its physics engine for most of its appeal.

The game is found on the website and a free demo version is available there for download.

The website sums up the full version of the game very accurately:

Watch four guys stumble around

The full version of the game comes with 5 more destructible arenas and improved "intelligency" after match. Also, modding* is possible.


The controls in Sumotori Dreams are designed to be simple. For Player 1, Backspace performs a two-handed push, Enter does a one-handed push, and the arrow keys control movement. Player 2 uses Shift for two-handed pushing, Control for one-handed pushing, and the WSAD keys for movement.


For expert only.


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