Pulling Flag Down vs. Pole Vaulting vs. Tim McVey'ing Iggy's Cast

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#1 Posted by sparklingtigershake (55 posts) -

What was the best way to end a Mario level? Wont even nominate "finding the star" from the 3D games.

I liked the original SMB pull down the flagpole ending and that really should have been in all future Mario games.

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#2 Posted by Hanabi (48 posts) -

I'm glad most of them ended the levels off in new ways rather than just one way. It'd be old if they always had the flagpole ending.

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#3 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

Yeah but it would be kinda nice to see it return some day in some form. Perhaps you could do tricks for points as you slide down that greasy pole?

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#4 Posted by Chaos (119 posts) -

the pole slide seem more rewarding to me.
least fav is from SMB3, while its fun to match all 3, the rest of the time it was very anti climatic.

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