Bonus Plan: HD Remix PSN Tournament

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Note Again: It looks like it's just me and squirtle_squad. In that case, we'll be having an exhibition match. Speak up if you want to join in on the fun.

Hey everybody! I know there's at least one of you out there who still plays HD Remix, so that guy and anybody else who's interested is more than welcome to join in on the Bonus Plan: HD Remix tournament for PSN.

First off, big thanks to StaticFalconar and Gambit for all the SF4 tourneyawesomeness they've been hosting lately. It's been pretty inspiring for me apparently.

All participants will be placed into a single elimination bracket, and will advance through weekly rounds (if the majority of participants prefer the rounds move along faster I'd be happy to oblige, but I'm about to make a point in regards to getting things done speedily in any case). Round one will take place next week (June 7th to June 13th).

In the interest of avoiding unnecessary delays, if any two participants happen to be ready for their next round's match before the week officially assigned to that round, they can go ahead and play their match, as long as they've both agreed beforehand on playing it for the tournament.

I'm shooting for 8 participants, but I could easily accommodate more or less depending upon the response I get.


-Matches will be played in Remixed mode and set to best 3 out of 5 rounds. Timer is set to default.
-A set will consist of best 3 out of 5 matches. Winner of a set advances to the next round. Both parties should either PM me the result or post it in this thread.
-The winner of a match must keep the character they last used, while the loser is free to switch.

If anybody has any blaring objections to the way I'm doing anything please feel free to speak up. I'm really just trying to set up a laid-back tournament the way I think the community would prefer it. And I figure, worst case scenario, nobody enters and I win by default.


Participant List:
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trueSpark (trueSpark)
squirtle-squad (squirtle_squad)

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sign me up good sir
psn: squirtle-squad

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cmon people sign up what the hell... this game is great

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So, there's totally still time to sign up! It did occur to me that HDR's own online tournament system allows for setting up single elimination tourneys on the fly. So...maybe the general consensus is that a three week long single elimination tournament is a bit silly? I dunno, I thought it had its own merits.

In any case I'm still open to changing up the format to pretty much anything. Some sort of awesome HDR action will happen next week, whatever kind of turnout we get.

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Oh you know when I'm going to go to your

Bonus Plan: HD Remix PSN Tournament?


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