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    Surgical Strike

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1995

    In the future, high tech guerrillas have started an urban war. As a part of the Surgical Strike team, you will control a stealth hovercraft mounted with machine guns and rockets in a mission to find and kill the guerrillas.

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    DATELINE -- 1998

    In the post gulf war era, there's no safe harbor. Battles are no longer contained. There are no front lines. Enemy soldiers are trained terrorists who are securely settled in the middle of civilian populations. They are ready to strike at any instant.

    To penetrate this inner sanctum of evil, the UN created an elite team of special forces known as SURGICAL STRIKE. With the effectiveness of a mechanized marine battalion, each unit can boast 4 highly trained specialists (including the player) with advanced recon, weapons and vehicles (attack hovercraft) specifically designed for stealth, speed and firepower in any area. 

     As a member of the surgical strike team, you have to be ready to ferret out of this human waste and dispose of it appropriately. 

    `Taken straight out of the Sega CD manual`

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