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A tiger-like Feline from a wealthy Victorian family who was taken hostage as a child. After being rescued by the prototype for what would become the Lungmen Guard Department, Swire later left her family business and took up residence in Lungmen, working her way up the ranks of the LGD to become its Senior Superintendent. Swire mostly handles the logistics and finance side of the LGD, using her incredible business acumen to keep track of the money and deal with the local bureaucracy. However, she is not afraid to take the field when needed, wielding a spiked meteor hammer in combat and drones that broadcast her voice to her underlings from a distance.


Swire is a 5* Guard with a skillset focused on supporting her nearby allies. Her weapon gives her the ability to attack enemies up to two spaces in front of her, unlike most Guards who can only attack one space in front of themselves. On top of that, Swire's unique Talent passively raises the attack power of any melee unit in the eight squares directly surrounding her on the field, and her active Skills are used to increase the range or power of her Talent. Unfortunately, Swire herself does not have as high base HP or ATK power compared to similarly-rare Guards, limiting her viability on maps where melee units cannot or should not be placed near each other.


  • Swire's name is a direct reference to the real-life Swire Group, a conglomerate registered in Hong Kong and London (just as the character of Swire is based in Lungmen and Victoria, their resepctive analogues in the world of Arknights).
  • Swire's rivalry with Ch'en reflects the Tiger vs Dragon symbolism and the battle for balance between Yin and Yang forces (respectively) found in Buddhism.

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