Symphogear XD Unlimited

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    Symphogear XD Unlimited is a "symphonic battle RPG" for Android and iOS, taking place after the events of Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX.

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    A mobile game developed by Bushiroad and GREE for the Symphogear franchise. The game features an active battle system, a wide variety of characters and Memoria to collect, new 'what-if' scenarios, new story content for the series, and original music alongside songs from the series itself.


    The game's central plot is kickstarted by a Relic, Gjallarhorn, that Ryoko Sakurai had discovered, but the Relic had long remained dormant until the Magical Girl incident of GX. With its activation the Gjallarhorn's ability to connect parallel worlds is discovered but this causes new problems for the Symphogear users to solve.

    The first parallel world is much like their own, except the Moon is normal and Lydian is also its original self. More shockingly, Kanade appears before the Gear users after a fight with the Noise...


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