Anyone still playing this game/ can I get an invite to Giant Syn

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#1 Posted by oneangryzeus (57 posts) -

If anyone still plays this on 360, add me (gt: oneangryapollo) or list your GT and I'll add you. I'd love to get an invite to Giant Bomb Heavy Industries, too.

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#2 Posted by impartialgecko (1863 posts) -

Pity you're not on PC, I've been hanging around that lobby for the past and nothing comes my way

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#3 Posted by oneangryzeus (57 posts) -

I know, I just bought it, too. Probably a dumb purchase but it looked (and is) so good.

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#4 Posted by xxxlynchxxx (169 posts) -

I got in touch with the guy who runs Heavy Industries. He doesn't have the game anymore. I was tring to get in too, I doubt that will happen. I do play quite regularly, sent me a friend req. xXxLYNCHxXx on xbl.

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#5 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

Heavy Industries is full, but there's a second Syndicate called GBHanzoAO. is the CEO so he can invite you. :)

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