Are there people in Europe still playing Coop on PS3

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#1 Posted by gustl (33 posts) -

Just got the game and would like to try the coop. Last night I was looking for coop games but could only find one ( in which the host quit half way through...). So if you like to play and don't mind if I don't know the maps yet let me know ( PSN is SpieIer1, the lower "l" in the middle is actually capital "I".)

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#2 Posted by buttmonk3y (158 posts) -

I have just started playing this. Assape is the PSN ID if your still up for a few games, tend to play about 21:00 (UK time)

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#3 Posted by Narx (195 posts) -

Do we even have a syndicate on PS3? I started playing this and was quite curious!

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#4 Posted by DibMonkey (7 posts) -

Playing it now - "DibMikey"

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#5 Posted by Grissefar (2904 posts) -

Not likely - the game bombed hard. One might in fact call it a Giant Bomb. Barely 100k across all platforms, you'd think EA would stop pumping out mindless FPS games.

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