Motion Sickness.

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#1 Posted by TheeGravedigger (166 posts) -

Bought the PS3 version earlier tonight, playing it on a 55" LCD hooked up with HDMI cables.

After 10-15 minutes of playing, I'm feeling nauseous.

Maybe it was something I ate earlier, maybe it was the way the everything on screen seems to shift around, I'm not sure.

Under normal circumstances, I don't get motion sickness, not from driving, or sailing.

I remember the original Wolfenstien causing me to get ill, but no game since then has bothered my stomach. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

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#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (11363 posts) -

How far are you from the screen? I remember them mentioning on the bombcast that motion sickness was a big problem for PC players because of the field of view how close they are to their monitors. You probably aren't that close to your tv, but your tv also sounds pretty big.

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#3 Posted by Enigma777 (6285 posts) -

I'm playing it on the PS3 as well and I haven't had any problems like that. I do have a problem with the text being too small though. I have to scootch up to my TV (42-inch) to read all the codex entries.

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Ever played the Xbox 360 version of Marathon Durandal?

Anyway, I'd suggest not playing it right after eating. It might just be a one time thing. Do you play a lot of shooters?

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#5 Posted by TheeGravedigger (166 posts) -

Yea, the mention on the bombcast made me wonder if it was something with the game. I'm about 2-3 meters back from my tv.

I'm not a huge shooter fan, tend to go for more 3rd person games, but I've played a decent selection of shooters. Played a ton of borderlands and felt fine.

I vaguely remember trying Durandal and not liking the textures, but my 360 cooked itself ages ago, so I can't really recall.

There's also a chance it was the carne asada I'd eaten 2-3 hours prior. I'll give it another shot later today.

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#6 Posted by Ocean_H (283 posts) -

I don't have any problem but I really hate the body movement: wobbles too much. I think that might cause motion sickness for some.

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#7 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

I think what is happening is that the game messes with the lights and such. Makes them very overly bright and really 'bleeds' into the screen. I had to turn down the settings because it would just makes the screen white. A really poor game design choice to have simple lights do that.

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