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Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Shinjuku Chuo Koen Satsujin Jiken ("Detective Saburo Jinguuji: Shinjuku Central Park Murder Mystery") is the first in a long-running series of crime-themed adventure games from Data East regarding the detective Saburo Jinguuji, or Jake Hunter as he is known in the West.

As with all the games that follow, the goal of the game is to discover the perpetrator behind a murder by talking to witnesses and suspects, gathering clues and deducing facts about the case. The player can use a menu of options with which to control Detective Jinguuji's investigation, such as "Talk" and "Look" commands to get a better sense of the world of the game.

The case was added to the Jake Hunter DS compilation, and given the name "The Petty Murder of a Fragile Heart".

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