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    Taxi Racer

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Q1 2001

    'Taxi Racer' also known as 'Taxi: Without the Brakes' is a high paced taxi-based racing game developed by Stellar Stone LLC in 2001.

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    City is waiting for you! As fearless city taxi driver, you’ll drive thru city filled with impatient clients who wanted to be driven to their destinations!


    Taxi Racer pits you against your worst enemy, Traffic, in a battle for cold-hard cash. You must quickly navigate the mean streets and meaner traffic in an attempt to pick up and deliver as many patrons as possible in the time limit. Each passenger you pick up will have a cash fare value assigned to them, this fare is related to the distance the passenger wants to travel. In order to get your dolla dolla bill y'all you must use you talents as a supreme taxi-racer to rule the world of competitive transport, if you don't get paid then you can't get laid. Taxi Racer reinforces the truth that cash rules everything around you, so you must remember to race hard and get paid.


    Before starting a hard day's work you must first choose which taxi you will roll in, there are 3 choices so it might be a hard one!

    Black Baron

    •   The dark luxury SUV for when your costumers (and yourself) need to ride smooth and in style.

    Mellow Yellow

    •   A classic yellow taxi for the man who likes it simple.

    Classy Canary

    •  A pale yellow car, but a bright choice for a man who knows what he wants, and takes it.

    System Requirements

    Be aware that to run game your PC should meet following minimal system requirements:

    • Intel Pentium II 233 processor

    • 32MB System RAM

    • 100MB Free Hard Disk space

    • AGP 3D accelerator card with at least 16MB Video RAM

    • Mouse

    • Sound Card

    • Windows 98 or Windows 2000

    • Microsoft DirectX version 8 installed.


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