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Taye made her first appearance in Dance Central as one of the game's ten selectable characters. Her voicemail messages (as heard on the outfit select screen) are the only ones sung along by a group of friends. She formerly took tap lessons, as hinted at by her in-game style of dancing. Her primary interests are going to movies, block parties, and making cookies with her nieces and nephews.

Her defining post-dance quote: "THIS is what SKILL looks like!", followed by a series of crazy fist-pumps. "Now y'all know! Now step to this! What?"


Taye was initially envisioned as a high school freshman; Matt Perlot, lead character artist on Dance Central, first drew her with an oversized letterman's jacket on (as though borrowed by her boyfriend). As her design was refined, her jacket eventually shrunk to something clearly meant to fit her. She was also initially drawn with tap shoes on ("as if her mom made her take lessons"), but this piece of her outfit was eventually scrapped.

According to character designer Helen McWilliams, Taye was also meant to initially have a laid-back voice, similar to Missy Elliot. The team collectively decided to have her voice reflect that she has a big personality despite her small size. In the end, Taye's voice and attitude was modeled after Harmonix choreographer Chanel Thompson.


Since the events of the first Dance Central, Taye has gone on to form Flash4wrd, a dance crew that includes her teenage sister Li'l T.

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