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    Teldrassil is the new home for the Night Elves, players who create a Night Elf character in World of Warcraft will begin their journy here.

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    A location in Azeroth, Teldrassil is the homeland of the Night Elves. Geographically, it lies off the north-western corner of the continent of Kalimdor. The landmass itself is not technically an island, but actually a massive tree that rises from the ocean. The majority of locations in Teldrassil are on the land that sits atop the gigantic tree. The name Teldrassil translates from "Crown of the Earth" in the Night Elf language. Teldrassil is where the Night Elf capital city, Darnassus, can be found. As yet, World of Warcraft and its expansions are the only games to have featured Teldrassil as a visitable location.


    • Darnassus

      Capital city of the Night Elf realm, and the portal between Teldrassil and the rest of Azeroth. Any visitors to Teldrassil must go through Darnassus first, making it an unfavorable location for PvP raids.
    • Shadowglen

      A small and relatively peaceful glade with the giant tree Aldrassil at its center. Players who start a Night Elf character will find most of their starting quests here.
    • Dolanaar

      A small town that sits on the road between Darnassus and Shadowglen.
    • Starbreeze Village

      Another small town close to Shadowglen, now overrun by Furbolgs.
    • Rut'theran Village

      The seaport that sits at the base of Teldrassil. There is a boat that runs between the town of Auberdine and Rut'theran which serves as the only means of transport between Kalimdor and Teldrassil for players who do not have the flight path.

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